Classes We Offer

We offer a range of classes in all major dance genres as well as singing and chorus. We always ensure age-appropriate music, choreography and costumes for all classes.


Classical Ballet is the basis of all dance disciplines. Our teachers are trained in the Vaganova Method (Russian) and the Cecchetti Method (Italian). Ballet builds discipline, strength, poise, proper body alignment, turnout and flexibility. Students participate in a full class of ballet with an emphasis on technique.


Tap develops rhythm, coordination and increases strength in the lower body. Classes begin with a warm-up and include across-the-floor progressions and choreography.


Our style of Jazz is a classic well-rounded style with a focus on musicality, technique and expression. Class begins with a warm up, including isolations, across-the-floor progressions and choreography.


All Modern dance classes begin with an in-depth warm-up and continue with exercises in the center and across the floor, ending with improvisation and choreography.


Our Hip Hop is fast paced, high energy and FUN with age appropriate music and choreography.


Lyrical/contemporary is form of dance that combines ballet and jazz technique. Our classes develop strength, flexibility and balance and provide an opportunity for students to express themselves in a more emotional way, relating to the music.


We offer week long age specific camps for children ages 4 to 10 that include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, crafts, and a short performance at the end of the week. We also offer a two week dance-focused intensive camp that concentrates on technique and choreography for the more serious minded dancer. The program culminates in a performance.